The best show in town

2 thoughts on “The best show in town”

  1. I would expect the author to have some clue what Oberammergau is before making bold and sweeping statements of either comparison or contrast to the Garmish-Partenkirchen, GE Passion Play performed every ten years since the town was spared the ravages of bubonic plague in the mid 17th century.


    1. I’ve been to Oberammergau, actually, which is a town that is indeed in the principality of GP. My point of comparison is that the play is famous for being a community production, one mounted by the citizens of the town. Merlefest has 4000 volunteers from Wilkesboro and surrounds, a number that is impressive for lots of reasons, one of them being that Wilkes is not that big a place.

      And, just to be clear, the statement I made was: “Four thousand volunteers work the grounds, take the tickets, and run the shows, western North Carolina’s answer to the Oberammergau.”

      So, that’s the comparison, and one that I actually feel is quite sound. Merlefest, like the Oberammergau, is a community production. Wilkesboro (ok North Wilkesboro) and Oberammergau are both small towns that nevertheless make big productions through volunteerism and community spirit that are truly gifts to the world.


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